Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Year, New Intentions NOT Resolutions

I hate New Years.

I admit, it's fun and all. New Years Eve, a few drinks with friends or a quiet night in with the family, watching the fireworks, either in person or on the telly.

But all that resolutions stuff, you know you're never going to keep any of them and who says you have to wait until New Years to make them anyways...why can't I start in June, or April or to heck with it, RIGHT NOW.

I mean putting stuff off til New Years is just another excuse to procrastinate a few extra days and for lots of us avoid facing the fact that you've been an over- indulgent slob since all those Christmas parties started mid-December.

This year I started already. Waiting around until 2017 to start what I could already be working on in November just seems silly - especially when you're a multi-passionate, creative procrastinator like me.

So what did I start?

1. For starters, I applied to do an Honours Year at university. I haven't quite finished my Bachelors Requirements, I have a few units to finish over summer session, but I had a thesis idea and a potential supervisor so applied anyway. And got accepted. The year doesn't start until mid-February, but I've started analyzing available literature already.

2. I ditched plastic shopping bags (almost completely). Back in October I stumbled across "Zero Waste" and a bunch of other stuff about reducing our footprint and ditching the trash habit.

We probably produce a lot less non-recyclable waste than most households. Five kids mean I've learnt to be quite frugal most of the time.

I cook real food, we have a chicken for most of our kitchen scraps and a compost bin for those she won't eat, I've always chosen paper over plastic when I can, I reuse things multiple times before chucking them in the recycle or garbage bin, we buy a lot of our "stuff" through the local op shops and repair clothing whenever I can rather than buying new.

 But we still produce more waste than we should.

There's always room for improvement right?

It  seems like a little thing, but so many plastic bags seem to accumulate in our house, it's actually been quite a challenge to get my partner and kids to use the cloth shopping bags I've been slowly replacing them with, but they may finally be getting the message.

3. I've also been quietly replacing our accumulated (and often useless) cleaning products with more eco-friendly homemade versions for months. It's gone mostly unnoticed as I've just decanted them into the washed out  containers once they've run out. I even ordered some soap-nuts yesterday from an online eco-store, bonus is, if they work like they promise they'll be way cheaper than washing and dish powder.

I found alternatives to commercial deodorants and shampoos which I'll try out over the next few weeks. If they work I'll start the sneaky change over in the bathroom as well.

4. I Quit Sugar Although I may have fallen off that bandwagon a little over Christmas, I didn't fair too badly (a couple of serves of pavlova and a box of Turkish Delight and maybe a few more glasses of wine than normal and some Malibu may have made it's way into my glass somehow ). Back on the wagon now though, so all good. I've even managed to get my kids to eat a few low or no sugar snacks I've made at home (some more successfully than others - while the three year old liked the avocado "ice cream", the older members of the family almost lynched me over it).

5. I've gotten off my butt and started actually using this blog which has been sitting here for that day when I have some spare time for over a year. It'll be another whole work in progress thing for a while, but started is better than idle right?

I pre-ordered Leonie Dawson's 2017 workbooks this year.

So far I love them. It's all about actionable goal setting, accountability and intentions. Plus her stuff is arty farty, full of colour and there's a whole gentle spirit grounded earthy kind of vibe to it.

There's pages in them where you list 100 things to do in 2017. Small, large, stupid, serious, whatever things... I think I'm already up to 87 and I'm already able to cross a couple off.

 I mean, why wait til after New Years?

If the idea, action or intention is good enough to write down on my 100 things list, it's good enough to do right now!

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  1. I agree. Why wait for one day in particular, when there are 364 other days that are just as ripe for change as the first day!